Join the Close Reading Club! August: Malcolm Cowley’s “The Greenwich Village Idea”

UPDATE: I stupidly used the wrong email address below. The correct email address is julien [at] newsstandsophisticate [d0t] com. Sorry!

Would you like to be part of a book club, but find you don’t have time to get through an entire book quickly enough to make the discussion worthwhile? (Or maybe you’re already in one and don’t like the other people in it?)

I can’t necessarily help with the latter (because maybe you won’t like me), but I’m starting an online reading club to help address the first problem, since it’s a problem I experience myself, what with children and housework and jobs and computers and TV all the other time-sucking important and entertaining catastrophes of modern living that cut into my reading time.

The Newsstand Sophisticate Close Reading Club will focus on a short piece of writing once a month, something that you can read in half an hour or less—but closely and carefully, and more than once, if you like. Then we’ll talk about it online. If you want to be part of the club, send me an email, and I’ll send you an invitation to the discussion board, where I’ll post an introduction to the reading and a PDF. Then all club members, including myself, can begin discussing it on the group board over the coming month. We can also do live Google hangouts or similar if there’s interest, where we can all drink wine together just like a non-virtual book club.

So if you’d like to join, send your email address to julien [at] newsstandsophisticate [dot] com. Let me know if you’re interested in a live Google hangout and what times would be best for you, if so.

The first selection, for August, is “The Greenwich Village Idea,” a short essay about bohemianism and capitalism from Malcolm Cowley’s excellent literary memoir of the twenties and thirties, Exile’s Return. It’s a perpetually relevant, interesting, and well written piece, and I think you’ll enjoy our discussion.