Please Make a Note of It

AT&T is discontinuing its free over-the-phone time service in California and Nevada on Sept. 19. When I was growing up near San Francisco I made a point of setting my watch a great deal more often than was strictly necessary by dialing POP-CORN and listening to—according to this L.A. Times article—the voice of Joanne Daniels. (This was before the days of the World Wide Web, or, in my house at least, the days of VCRs and cable television, so dialing POP-CORN was about the only “high-tech” I had access to.) I also found it somewhat hypnotic to listen to this voice do nothing but tell the time for as long as you wanted to listen. I think I imagined her recording it all in one sitting.

So if you grew up in Northern California, you only have 19 days left to hear Joanne Daniels’s dulcet tones before “the man” silences her: (415) POP-CORN.